So, 50 Kisses has been progressing. Four teams ended up completing a version, three from the US and one from New Zealand. It’s so interesting to see how each team interpreted my script . I want to say well done to everyone – I’m delighted that they like my script enough to go to the huge effort of turning it into what you see below.

Here are the four different versions: Which one do you prefer?

Link to version: http://vimeo.com/59272666

Hi, I’m delighted to be speaking at the London Screenwriters Festival this weekend. I’m really excited about it. 

Here is a link to the events where I’m speaking. See you there, or otherwise, catch me in the corridor or find me on twitter @markpallis  


Just had a great update from the Producer of DESTINATION SAIGON. My script is now translated into Vietnamese and is being discussed today at the legendary BHD Studios.

Click here for the photo!



My script “Practice Makes Perfect” has been selected to as part of the 50 kisses – a crowdfunded feature film which takes 50 short films and makes a feature out of them, released in cinemas Valentines Day 2013!

The next part of the competition is for anyone to make any of the 50 films. He is the link to my script, feel free to read it, feel free to shoot it!   http://www.50kissesfilm.com/50-kisses-the-screenplays/practice-makes-perfect-by-mark-pallis/

Things are moving forward with Destination Saigon – a new martial arts action movie coming out in 2013.

According to the producer:

“My writer Mark Pallis just sent me the first 20 pages of the script for my Vientam Kung Fu flick DESTINATION SAIGON, with a message saying “Get ready to be blown away”. He was right, still trying to get myself back up again : ) “

All the latest information will be posted on the official facebook page.


I’m delighted to announce that I am working on a new project for Vietnam’s hottest new producer Jason Ninh Cao. All I can tell you at this point is that it’s called DESTINATION SAIGON (điểm đến saigon), it’s written by me and the action will be directed by the amazing Vincent Wang (47 Ronin fight arranger).

More news to follow.

Mazuma Mobile, the UK’s biggest mobile phone recycling company, asked users to vote for their favourite advert by the company … and the winner was my ‘Stavros Flatley’ commercial. Many congratulations to the Director, Neil Scholes and Production Company, koalatv.com . Click on “ads” to see Maz, Lagi and Dimitri in all their glory!

I’m delighted that Iron Monk has been included in the influential e-zine Budomate’s list of Most Anticipated.

It won’t disappoint!


This November, in its regular 9pm Sunday night slot, William Garrow was back on BBC1 for a third series of Garrow’s Law.  It’s amazing to think it’s been four years since I first unearthed Garrow from the archives!  It’s been a real delight working on show as Story Editor. It’s such a team effort and I love the passion that everyone puts into it. I’m proud to be part of the team.

My blog www.garrowslaw.wordpress.com is still active and I’m still answering people questions and queries about the show, so do feel free to check it out.

Here is a clip from Garrow’s Law: from Dawn to Dusk.  I directed it, and it will be available with the DVD of Series III of Garrow’s Law.

Following the success of the Move it viral, I am delighted to be working with the cool folks at www.malecancer.org on their newest viral campaign. Their last one is at 1.7million views and rising. No pressure then! Love it!

If you are a charity, or know of a charity, that needs a campaign (PSA), please feel free to get in touch and I will do my best to help out or put you in contact with others.

with best wishes



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